Easy Steps to Create and submit Image Sitemaps to Google

If you have a website on which images or videos plays a predominant role, then it is important to create sitemap for those images or videos in your website. Don’t know how to create image sitemap, don’t worry you are already in the right place.

Easy Steps to Create and submit Image Sitemaps to Google

Experts in SEO Services Company in Chennai have suggested a simple way to create Image and videos sitemap.

Install A1 Sitemap Generator:

Download the A1 sitemap generator and install it in your computer. You can download it here. It may take a while to create sitemaps for images.

Add Website for Scanning:

Once installed, start the app and click the Scan website tab and then click path to insert the URL of your website. After adding URL click on Quick presets tab and select the type of sitemap you want to generate. If you don’t select any type, then it will create a normal sitemap generator.

After selecting the type, click on Start scan to start the scan process and wait until you see the DONE status which will be visible on the right side of the Scan status.

Create Sitemap:

Once the scanning is finished, select the Create sitemap Tab and then XML Sitemap: Google Image to create the sitemap. Finally click Build now Tab.

After sometime click on the View files tab, where you can find the location of XML file and retrieve it. Save the retrieved folder and add it to the content folder in your server. These are the simple steps you need to follow for creating image and video sitemaps.

If you are finding any difficulties in these process let us know or you may head to best SEO Company Chennai, they will make this task simple for you.