How to Make Google Bots to Index a Website Quickly?

If you want your website to rank in the Search Engine Results Page, then you need to make your website gets crawled and indexed by the Google bots. Without indexing you can’t even find a place for your website in SERP’s. Webmasters are following many advanced techniques to index their websites, but some of them is not yield the expected results.

How to Make Google Bots to Index a Website Quickly

So in this article i have suggested some effective techniques on behalf of SEO services Bangalore that will make the Google bots to index your website quickly.

Include Robot.txt File:

Including Robot.txt file will help the bots to know, set how many pages need to be indexed in your website. It is important to add Robot.txt files for directories that contains information like customers personal details. Don’t add the robot.txt file to your CSS or Javascript files, this will render the site crawlability.

If you want to add Robot.txt file to a specific directory in your website, then create a file with following codes,

User-agent: *
Disallow: /directory/*

Enter the directory name in the place of star and insert it to the root directory of your website, that will look like:

Add Sitemap:

Sitemap is the most important thing for indexing, as it consists of all the URLs in your website. At first Google bots looks for your Sitemap once it entered to your website. A sitemap is nothing but the group of URL data that are stored in XML format for machine readability.

It is advisable to have 50,000 URLs for a single sitemap and you need to split up the sitemap if your website has more than 50,000 URLs. Many websites are there in online to create a sitemap or head to Search Engine Optimization Company in Bangalore and you need to insert it to your root directory, that will look like: