15 Ways To Improve Memory:

Are you going to appear for any of the competitive exams like TNPSC exams, or the bank exams? If yes, I am sure you will be struggling with your memory power. Isn’t it? You don’t have to worry anymore. Our team of experts at the best TNPSC coaching centre in Chennai have formulated the top 15 ways to improve your memory power.

15 Ways To Improve Memory

Write Things Down:

Take a note of the important things you read for future reference as well. It will also help you as a quick reference before getting into the exam hall.

Read More:

Take reference from the web and read as much as you can. The internet is a great source, and it has plenty of things to learn. Remember only related reading will help you to remember the things quickly.


Don’t try to read everything overnight. Chunk the whole syllabus into parts and schedule your study based on the parts you divided.

Little And Often:

Take a little break often during the study time. It will help you energize your brain and body for better performance.


Use acronyms to remember the longer sentences quickly. This is one of the brilliant technique followed by almost all of the successful students to crack the exams in a single attempt.

Make It A Story:

If you feel bored, and if you can’t remember the concept, make it as a story. By this way, you can easily recognize the concept.

Practice, Practice, Practice:

You need to have lots of practice. As always, practice makes a man perfect. Repeat the practice to get familiar with the topic, and this will also help you to crack the ultimately difficult questions easily.

Say Things Out Loud:

To gain more clarity and wisdom, try saying things out loud. It will be simple to remember, and it bridges the gap between the reality and the false world. You may find out if you believe what you say.

Superior Focus:

Focus on one concept first, try to conquer it and then move on to the next idea. You need to be super focused to remember all the concepts easily and to reproduce it your way.

Silly Sentences:

Youngsters always want to be silly at times. Try to make some silly sentences for the ideas you focus on and discuss it with your teammates. It will help your brain to remember that particular concept easily.

Teach It To Someone Else:

You will be super amazed at this tip. Yes absolutely, by teaching the concepts you have learned to someone else, there is a greater chance of remembering the concepts quickly.

Test Yourself:

Don’t forget to test yourself to know how well you prepared, and in what topics you lack preparation. Honestly, correct the test results and repeat the training on your weaker topics. There are many centers in and around Chennai like the best TNPSC group 2 Coaching in Chennai which will help you to test yourself with some stunning model questions.

Drink Water:

Drinks plenty of water during the preparation, as per science drinking water will improve your brain’s performance and it will consistently energize your tired brain.

Ask Why:

Ask yourself with a why. Take a concept that you are familiar with and repeatedly ask whys which will help you to get to know more about the concepts.

Get Enough Sleep:

It is proven that 8-10 hours of night sleep will improve your brain’s function and makes it work better than before. So remember to have enough sleep also the night before the exams.