How to take proper care of your laptop hardware and software maintenance?

If you regularly take care about your laptop, then it will run smoothly and last longer. If not, then your laptop lifespan and performance will be reduced. The hp laptop service center in Chennai has listed laptop care tips to improve your system performance.

How to take proper care of your laptop hardware and software maintenance

Laptop Hardware Maintenance Tips

Maintain Your Laptop Keyboard: Use a can of compressed air to clean the dust accumulated between the keys. You can also go deeper to clean keyboard by removing the keys if necessary.

Clean Your Laptop Display: It does not matter how carefully you are handling it, but your laptop display always ends up with dirt. So it is always good to clean once at a time and don’t use chemicals which are harmful.

Laptop Battery: Note how long your laptop holds the battery charge to use. If it is less then right time to replace the battery. Usually, laptop battery should need to replace after 3 to 4 years. Depend on the laptop and cost the battery will differ.

Clean Out The Internal Dust And Dirt: If your laptop fan is in trouble to cool your laptop, then it is not because of your laptop gets old. It is due to dust in your laptop. If you know the technical hands, then open your laptop to clean the dust and dirt. If you don’t know call professionals such as hp, Lenovo, and dell laptop service center in Chennai.

Check The Laptop Case Screws: Check the screws on a laptop to make it secure. Use small Philips screwdriver to over check the tightness of your laptop screw.

Laptop Software Maintenance Tips

The following are some tips to maintain your laptop from software/OS point of side.

Update Your OS: Microsoft will release an update on a regular basis to add new features to the OS. So it is important to update your laptop OS to get the latest features and to keep your laptop as secured as possible.

Delete Unnecessary Files: All laptop contains the built-in disk cleanup, run that to clean the unnecessary files associated with your laptop. You can also use third party software CCleaner for the junk files.

Remove Unused Software: Review the software installed in your laptop and remove the software which you never used and not need. It helps to get free space and improve performance.

Antivirus Scan: Check whether you have the antimalware or antivirus software installed. If you have then make sure to run the software to scan your laptop to detect any harm files.